No Matter Your Industry, We Can Help!


EC Credit Control’s strength in I.T. has seen the introduction of a new company, EC Web Services.  EC Web Services is an arm of EC Group designed to help businesses just like yours get online and ensure that you are reaching every available customer.

EC Credit Control is a market leader in providing clients with debt collection services and terms of trade documentation to improve their cashflow and protect their business.  With over 50,000 clients and more being added by the day, EC Credit Control is going from strength to strength.

Adding another spoke to the wheel, EC Web Services is designed to help develop and grow these same businesses, helping them to reach new markets, increase profitability and give a professional online presence.  In a similar fashion to our Terms of Trade Product all EC Web Services website are tailored to your business.  No two websites are the same.  We can also set up email accounts for your business using your domain name to further raise your profile when dealing with customers or potential customers online.

Our portfolio is always increasing so please check back frequently to see our latest work.

Currently in development are: